Best Hair Day / Catching Up!!

Shout out to BK!!

I am coming off of what is probably considered my best hair day ever!! Matt Erra confirmed this as he stood in overwhelming awe of my coif last night. Couple of shots here of the sculpted perfection.

No product, no stylist, just natural glory and a well placed part. I would imagine that this Thanksgiving I and everybody who saw me were very much thankful for my hair. It is a gift. A gift that will probably need trimmed soon.

During Thanksgiving, I was afforded the opportunity to hang out with Moddie, my Grandmother’s one eyed chihuahua. I didn’t know this until yesterday – apparently she lost her eye in a drug deal gone bad in Nogales. She was jumped and received a brass-knuckled right paw from a mexican street dog. She didn’t have dogsurance and had no choice but to harden up and go at life with one eye. She still goes to church though.

Also my bud Buck is in town!!

My mother made it up Camelback!!! She is a bad ass lately, and I would expect that soon a movie will be made about her entitled, “Terminator Mom: Don’t Even Think About It!” or “Chicken Bone: Nowison!”

Before Mom started being a bad ass, I went to a Gertz Wedding.

Matt went around taking pictures next to pretty girls. When asked why he always prefers to stand on the same side of his female counterparts during picture shoots, he replied, “Because Daddy likes to be in the driver seat bro!! You Know?? You know.”

This is my bud Cole. Booth and I took him around for a while telling girls we were domestic partners and Cole was our adopted son. We are doing the best we can to raise him and a woman, or a couple of women around would really help. Something like that atleast. Didn’t work, everybody there knew him and didn’t know us.

The man pictured to the left of Nick “I look sharp” Gertz, is Forrest Sr. Him and John Wayne are why my hair has started receiving a part.

Lately, priority number one has been helping out my family and my buds the best I can. I am getting ready to head north for the winter much like migratory birds – but in the opposite direction.

Peace and Love!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Forrest
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 13:04:43

    Dang Bro! Where you been? Miss ya.


    • Garret Joseph
      Nov 26, 2010 @ 13:13:23

      I have been hanging out with diesel, taking notes. Also I had my phone off for about 3 weeks. John Wayne never used a cell phone. I think tonight something is going down around your parts for the Oregon UA game. BK, Steve, Matt and I are trying to watch it together. Hit up my cell when you get off!!! Miss you too.


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