Very Busy with Activities!!

I have been involved in so many activities lately!!

My bud Cassie gave my bud Nick and I haircuts yesterday!! We looked very sharp and decided that family pictures were necessary. There is a Sears at the mall here in Palm Springs, so we went there. We were fortunate in that we were able to pick our own backdrops. We chose the “moon in the sky” and “fence in the field”. We also had a doric roman column and some plastic flowers. The lady doing the camera work kept talking about “tummy shots” and Nick kept talking about his “douglass fir”. Cassie wore a child sized tutu. The pictures turned out very nice.

Left: Nick, Cass and I are really sending it out in this one.  The small picture in the middle left is Nick’s favorite. It features a “tummy shot” and Nick flexing with his “douglass fir” out. It was very hard to setup for, but worth it. Good quality shot.

Right: This masterpiece features a gun fight scene, a three man tummy shot and my favorite shot, bottom left. I have the flowers on the moon. Nick has a toy truck. Cassie’s favorite is the gun fight scene, top right.


On Monday I left Page and went to Point Sublime on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The road out there was in very poor repair. I put a new dent in the ’94. This point is about 30 feet wide and a couple hundred feet long. It is like a giant diving board 5,000 ft. above rock. Standing on this nightmare reminded me just how scared of heights I am. After having a cold beer to calm my nerves, I played some sublime tunes on the guitar and had another cold beer. I was only up there for about 45 minutes before I came back down. I was terrified the entire time I was on that point.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon has Buffalo. Kevin Costner calls them “tatanka”. It is very cold up there at night as well.

I woke up at 2:30am, freezing, and decided to drive to Bryce. I got there just before sunrise. Bryce Canyon is a awkwardly surreal place. “Hoodoos” are abnormally shaped standing rock columns. There is an abundance of “Hoodoos” in Bryce Canyon National Park. I hiked 9 or so miles and took pictures. There is no shade or water there.

Zion is fantastic!! Has to be one of the more beautiful places in the world. I found a place to camp on public lands 8 miles west of the park. Seconds after parking, I got to meet the great Leroy.

I met Leroy on day 30 of his “40-day sojourn with god”. He told me of the message god gave him. The message was this: Leave your family and job in Virginia Beach, hitchike to Utah and spend 40 days in Zion. We immediately became friends and I really liked staying in Leroyville. He looked like a meth head, but he was a christian. He was also the mayor of Leroyville. Some people don’t look like their names are correct. Like my friend BK, he looks like a Kevin or a Taylor, not a BK. Leroy looks like a Leroy.

I spent 3 days, two nights in Leroyville. They went like this: wake up at sunrise, hike Zion and take pictures, swim in the river and drink beer all afternoon, siesta, read a little, and then drink and argue with Leroy about god for a few hours. Leroy didn’t drink. He mostly did the god arguing while I drank. Leroy smoked a lot of cigarettes while he acted out scenes from the old testament. He also never talked quietly, in fact he yelled most of the time.

I didn’t wear a shirt the entire time I was in Leroyville. Utah has beer that is not really beer. It made my head hurt. I hiked 20 or so miles in Zion, some of which was in a river that was just deep enough to allow full 55 degree fahrenheit submersion of my undercarriage. That proved to be uncomfortable for miles at a time. Very cold, enough said. Thumb trick used. Another hike was mostly on a cliff about 1600 feet off of the deck. Intense hiking in Zion. Beautiful place though.

I left Leroyville in the afternoon. It was raining. Leroy had 8 more days to find god when I left. He said he would pray for me. Having 8 days to find god must be very stressful.

I have met some characters out on the road:

Leroy – backstory above.

Larry or Jerry – I forget which name he uses. He is a falconer. That is a person that keeps eagles as pets and hunts with them. He told me that most falconers don’t have wives or girlfriends. I agree. He talked about Genghis Kahn a lot.

Bob and Sandy – They hiked up some of Humphrey’s with me. They were from NC and were on their honeymoon. I want to say Sandy was in her early 50’s and Bob was in his late 60’s. He told me, in confidence, that he was robbing the cradle. While she was leading us up the mountain, Bob said that he has a hard time keeping up with her, that he finds himself mostly behind her and doesn’t mind because he enjoys the view. That a boy Bob.

Pete – He is the guy who shot the arrow at the SUV. He ran his noisy generator all night and day. He also taught his 12 yr old son n-word jokes by the campfire. He wasn’t very interesting. He looks like Leroy, he makes the list.

Palm Springs. Nick worked a half day friday. We drank beer and watched “how it’s made” all day. We learned how to mark yarn, wool, screwdrivers, tractors, light bulbs, q-tips and much more. Cassie came home. We couldn’t decide between mexican food and sushi. We went to a mexican food place and had red beers, chips and salsa. We then went and had sushi and saki bombs. We were really drunk. We came home and drank more. Nick and I beat Cass and Lyd at Taboo.

Great Friday and Saturday. It is sunday now we are watching movies and having coffee. Great Sunday.

Next: Hanging out with my Grandfather from Switzerland, then on to Sequoia.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 11:49:44

    Miss you LOTS!! Great story and pictures. Have fun and send my love to Grandpa Frank. 🙂


  2. Lauren
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 15:43:19

    wow! amazing pictures! and your adventures continue….. im so jealous! your a pretty amazing person, but im sure you already know this 😉 call me soon


  3. Tree Doctor
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 20:26:41

    Glad to know someone is out exploring the beautiful places that make The West unparalleled on this planet. Keep posting photos and stories for those of us temporarily stuck behind walls. Looking forward to shots from my beloved Sierra.


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