So far this year…

Song for Matt E –

Zuppiger on Ice –

Went fishing on ice. Cheers Pat and Rich!

Made this wrench roll with the sewing machine – Big ups Mormon Joe and Mrs. Mormon Joe for use of the sewing machine.

Rode the vintage cycle to crown king and back – 100 miles round trip! Sore undercarriage.

Horse race with Pooch, Joe, El, Pat, Adam, and Amy. Pat, Adam, and Amy not pictured here.

Peace and Love!!


Happy New Year!!


Resolution this year: Mt. Whitney

Let it Snow!!

Garret Zuppiger turns 25! Don’t worry, I am still running it hard! I am playing with house money at this point! Everyday is like a gift!!

I got a motorcycle for christmas!! This is going to help me run it even harder!! It is vintage, older than I, and pure rock and roll!

Loud, Hot, Black, Red and Dangerous! I don’t know whether to ride it around in the dirt or have sex with it in the garage.

When I do choose to ride it, I listen to this song:

I am building “ski-chair”. It is a fully horizontal, antique recliner that I picked up from a Mormon in Prescott. It sits on 190cm skis, that I picked up from another Mormon in Prescott. It tows behind a truck with a waterski rope, or goes down steep hills.

When it is done, and it snows enough, I will listen to the above song and run “ski-chair” hard.

I went to college with this guy, Mormon Joe:


Joseph the Mormon has a motorcycle too. I doubt that he has ever contemplated having sex with it though. He is a co-founder of MTMC, or Mormon Thunder Motorcycle Club for those reading that aren’t familiar with notorious biker gangs. I am the other co-founder. At current, we have two members and one of our members has a wife that doesn’t think he should ride a motorcycle anymore. I don’t have a wife.

The ski-chair was his idea.

The view from my job-site at sunrise:

The 94 being cold with me:

This is what turning 25 looks like:



You can turn 25 with your friends, your grandparents, or whoever. I recommend only doing it once though.

I have to go now, John Wayne is on TV showing me how to be a man.

Shout out to my boy Paddy O’Shaw!

Peace and Love!!

Best Hair Day / Catching Up!!

Shout out to BK!!

I am coming off of what is probably considered my best hair day ever!! Matt Erra confirmed this as he stood in overwhelming awe of my coif last night. Couple of shots here of the sculpted perfection.

No product, no stylist, just natural glory and a well placed part. I would imagine that this Thanksgiving I and everybody who saw me were very much thankful for my hair. It is a gift. A gift that will probably need trimmed soon.

During Thanksgiving, I was afforded the opportunity to hang out with Moddie, my Grandmother’s one eyed chihuahua. I didn’t know this until yesterday – apparently she lost her eye in a drug deal gone bad in Nogales. She was jumped and received a brass-knuckled right paw from a mexican street dog. She didn’t have dogsurance and had no choice but to harden up and go at life with one eye. She still goes to church though.

Also my bud Buck is in town!!

My mother made it up Camelback!!! She is a bad ass lately, and I would expect that soon a movie will be made about her entitled, “Terminator Mom: Don’t Even Think About It!” or “Chicken Bone: Nowison!”

Before Mom started being a bad ass, I went to a Gertz Wedding.

Matt went around taking pictures next to pretty girls. When asked why he always prefers to stand on the same side of his female counterparts during picture shoots, he replied, “Because Daddy likes to be in the driver seat bro!! You Know?? You know.”

This is my bud Cole. Booth and I took him around for a while telling girls we were domestic partners and Cole was our adopted son. We are doing the best we can to raise him and a woman, or a couple of women around would really help. Something like that atleast. Didn’t work, everybody there knew him and didn’t know us.

The man pictured to the left of Nick “I look sharp” Gertz, is Forrest Sr. Him and John Wayne are why my hair has started receiving a part.

Lately, priority number one has been helping out my family and my buds the best I can. I am getting ready to head north for the winter much like migratory birds – but in the opposite direction.

Peace and Love!!


Zuppiger Pro Model!!

It’s here!!! The “Zuppiger Pro Model”!!

I really like typing and saying “Zuppiger Pro Model”!!

This makes me the only one of my friends that has his own pro model skateboard!!

I met up with my bud Matt G at the skatepark last friday, and slammed within the first thirty seconds of being there (still sore). I know that I am getting old, because I brought coffee to the skatepark. Also, Matt G stretched before skating, hahaha.

I had a good first day out though. This friday will be better. Skate video is going to have to come out soon.

Here are some pictures showing the manufacturing process of the “Zuppiger Pro Model”:


My new truck:

I love this truck. It is from 1952. When I sit in it, I feel so happy.

Here is the dream: As the sun comes up, I take my coffee outside to fetch the paper. I take one look at the paper, and immediately through it in the recycle bin. I start up the five-deuce, it takes a few seconds, but it gets going. I tune the radio to 91.5 (NPR). I drink my coffee, the truck warms up, all while I listen to some obscure news story about Jane Goodall or a career librarian. If it’s Saturday, it’s Car Talk.

Into gear the truck goes, and I motor to wherever at the blazing top speed of 45 – 55 mph. Old Truck, Warm Coffee and Talk Radio. And me smiling.

I cannot wait!!!!

Tucson tomorrow to go to the courthouse, skate downtown, and take care of my bud Joe who just got a Vasectomy.


In Hiding..

I have been using my time wisely in the desert, while hiding. Here is a short video detailing some of my work.

Yes, it is all me in this video. Pure talent, I know.

Hair cut in one hour, Laughlin tonight!!

Garret the Kid!!

I found this flyer posted on the courthouse!! This guy looks mean!! Look at those guns!! In old westerns, they call these handbills.

I am, at current, an outlaw. I have been forced to go from town to town, to hide my shame.

I have a six string though, Bon Jovi would be proud.

It wasn’t always this way. The beautiful city of Tucson got me again.

Tucson got me for jay-walking once. I was building a parking garage in downtown. I jay-walked to a hot dog cart, during my lunch break, on a one way street, that was under construction, by me, for $163-american fine.

This is much worse however, Cracked Windshield. Outlaw. Never mind the drug cartels, jaywalking-junky-truck-having outlaws must be stopped, before it goes too far.

It all started when I left Joe and Tami-lynn’s house for the Blue Willow one morning in early summer 2010. I was meeting my buds Adam and Amy (Amy Good Gorilla) for breakfast.

In order that the community be better as a whole, and to protect and serve, a do-a-good-job cop stopped me. After the license, registration, insurance and me not being under the influence was established, alas, I had committed a more serious offense!! Driving while having a crack in the windshield!

How could I?

I am glad that he addressed this issue, though. This is an epidemic after all!! I would assume that the majority of people reading this, have at least a chip in their windshield!! It is everywhere!!

I did what any Arizonan would do, in order that the hinderance in driving with faulty equipment be remediated: I went to South Phoenix with my Grandfather and found a dude to fix it. $100 later, I am safe to drive again. (sigh of relief)

Ah, I made a misstep. I did not return to Tucson and give notice that my windshield had been fixed, that the world was safe again, and people of Tucson can rest most comfortably.

Suspended License. $260 fine now. Also, driving on a suspended license is punishable by a jail stay and impounding of vehicle. I’m sure more fines come with that, too.

I am in hiding!! Much like Billy the Kid – my whereabouts must not be known. I am armed with shovel and knife. I am in the desert. I wait. Until my grandpa and I can get this figured out. Outlaw.

All in the name of protecting and serving. It is a noble job, windshield enforcement. It must be done to keep cracked-windhshielded riff-raff out of our cities!!

I can’t help but to think of how beautiful Tucson would be if its windshields were free of imperfections!! The Raider and Dodger fans could move drugs up through Tucson to the rest of the country with no worries of faulty auto-glass causing driving impediments and accidents. The homeless people that call Tucson home could be seen easier, and use smaller signs to beg, without cracked auto-glass. The borrowers of car audio electronics, could more easily ascertain which vehicles had the best offerings, and then borrow better stereos, without cracked auto-glass. Efficiency!! Let us keep our auto-glass immaculate!! For a better Tucson!!!

Anyhow, I have to file a motion to try and recover my fine and get this offense put to bed. I should have taken this much more seriously. Let this story not fall on deaf ears!! Keep your vehicles in good repair!!

Let my martyr-esqe actions be a lesson to all!!

Edward Abbey would be proud of my civil traffic disobedience at least.

The Bruce man is loose on them now! I am pretty sure my Grandfather Bruce has Esq. after his name. We should be able to use that. Also, his middle name is persistence.

Before buying a fake mustache, and dying my hair jet black to conceal my identity, I drove through nearly the entire state of California.

People graffiti in the wilderness in NOR-CAL Bro!! Yeah dude!! Check out these gnar-gnar ups on the forest bridge brah!!

It isn’t all that way though – Most of it is beautiful!

There is some very pretty coastline to be had up north. San Francisco and south, is pretty much citified though. Big Sur was cool.

San Francisco!!! My favorite city in the world!!!

Here is what happened there, bullet-pointed, in no specific order:

  • Chaz and I ate pizza at 3am with two pretty girls, Montana and Mika, – we had cheese and supreme slices.
  • A crazed homeless man named Phillip introduced himself and then drank a kamikaze next to us. While he did that, he yelled the most sexually perverse things, concerning fellatio, that I have heard. Phillip made for an awkward bar neighbor.
  • I found a fly-fishing practice area and wild buffalo in the park.
  • Irish Car-Bombs.
  • Chaz and I ate hamburgers and drank beer for breakfast.
  • The giants were playing on TV at all the bars. We hate the giants. We secretly cheered against them, everywhere we went. I don’t remember who won.
  • I slept in my sleeping bag on Golden Gate Bridge.
  • At one bar, we stole some birthday cake and ate it. We didn’t STEAL IT – we just sliced a piece off. It was very good.
  • I told two pretty girls that were alone, that Chaz and I were doing our best to look cool, and that it would greatly help if we could sit next to them. They laughed. We didn’t say anything to them, just sat next to them looking sharp and talking amongst ourselves. They started to talk to us after about an hour. I didn’t expect that to work. It was better than our “good cop, bad cop” technique. They followed us around for about the rest of the night. They were cool girls.
  • We played the basketball game in a bar. We watched an Asian dude score a 17 and then the girl after him score a 39. haha.
  • From a nice bar, we took the two girls to a shitty bar and Chaz bought them “two gin and tonics – make it really cheap gin”. The drinks were strong and unpleasant.
  • I decided Haight Ashbury is my kind of neighborhood.
  • Chaz decided that when I call him “Chaz from Marina District”, it sounds “douchy”. Charlie from San Fran doesn’t sound much better, though.
  • Chaz and I decided that we need to work on becoming better friends. We are getting matching tattoos at homecoming this year in Tucson.
  • Either Chaz or I, or somebody, stole a pumpkin from a bar.
  • Either Chaz or I, or somebody, traded the pumpkin for 3 clove-cigarettes.
  • Either Chaz or I, or somebody, gave the 3 clove-cigarettes to a bum so that he could sell them for money to eat.
  • Nobody knows what Chaz does for work. I asked him. He didn’t say. Him and another dude were talking about working in finance, I overheard a bunch of acronyms. It sounded terrible. I don’t want to know what Chaz does.

That was about it for San Francisco. I love that city. Pictures:

Obama and Biden smoking pot-marijuana!

The fly-fishing practice ponds. They have casting accuracy competitions. There is no fish. NO FISH.

View of Chaz’s block of the Marina District from his patio. Really cool place. Good job Chaz!!

For Ome – This plaque was in the Shakespeare Garden, I thought you would like this.

Up next: Hiding in the desert from the law , Bachelor Party in Laughlin – Oh dear! , Back to work!!!


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